Advanced Upgrades

Advanced Upgrades Will “EXPLODE” Your Websites, Social Media, And On-Line Stores.




   Professional Domain Names: Up-Grades



People typically start with a domain name upgrade to gain the trust of their clients. Professionals will use a (.com) or (.org) or (.info).

Domain names are very inexpensive and give you a professional “edge” and appearance against other competing websites.

Domain names have an average cost of about $19 each per year. Depending on the domain you chose, some are as low as $17 and some are as high as $21. This is a small price to pay when you consider how important it is to own a virtual “Piece of Real Estate”.

You will easily be able to purchase domain names directly from your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.




             Advanced S.E.O: Up-Grades



Another aspect you should consider if you want to explode your websites and drive high volumes of traffic to your site every month is an “S.E.O.” upgrade. This will put you in the “Spot Light” when people first see your website on the same page as your competition.

This can be an explosive tool in taking your websites to the “Next Level”. This gives a very professional look in the “Search Appearance” of your website.

This will definitely make your site stand out from other competing websites. Your first impression for customers and clients is “EVERYTHING”. That first impression is the most important aspect for customer and client conversions. This is “Essential” to bringing people to your website.


Additionally, your site speeds, securities, web hosting, and search engine optimizations are increased tremendously.

Honestly, I feel this is another very affordable choice in comparison to the amount of additional traffic this will induce. An “S.E.O” Up-Grade is about $79 per year, HOWEVER, They do offer a massive discount to gain your business. Typically they will give you 50% to 60% off !! That is an incredible deal for this type of opportunity. I consider this to be a very important aspect if you are into affiliate marketing, or selling products and services.

You will easily be able to upgrade directly through your S.E.O. Dashboard inside of your website at any time.



                Premium Plus Memberships



The Premium Plus membership is essential for those who want to have more than 10 websites, who want to take more advanced classes or those who simply just want to have a few “Extra Advantages” in the industry of competition. This will be an “Additional $49 per month” for a total of $99 per month. Truly an exceptional deal when you consider the vast amount of benefits.



   Key Word Research Tools: Up-Grades




You may want to consider this upgrade if you want to investigate your competition. JAAXY is the most advanced keyword researching tool in the world. Look at all of these incredible aspects of finding keywords for yourself, and a view of what keywords your competition is using. This could possibly your most important tool.




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