How Does The Program Work?

 How Does The Program Work?

You simply set up your profile and begin your free training. No credit card is required to set up your profile and take your first 10 free classes. You can set up your profile in less than 15 minutes. You can begin your FREE training immediately!! After you complete your beginner’s course, (10 short videos), you can decide if you want to become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

During those 10 short videos, you will learn how websites work, and you will create your first website for FREE. You own the website and everything you do with it, regardless if you join the program or not. You have absolutely nothing to lose, if you decide not to join you still own that website. Basically, you are getting a fully functioning, FREE website just for taking the classes.

When you decide to become a member, you become an affiliate, a partner of the group. You become your own boss and you own the rights to everything you create and sell. Wealthy Affiliates own the rights to their services, you own the rights to all of your websites because they are your creations.

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How Easy is The Program?

Every video is about 15 to 30 minutes long. The videos are very easy to follow, learn, and understand. They are truly step-by-step videos that you can pause or re-play anytime. You never have to worry about forgetting something, because you can go back to any video, anytime. The platform is very easy and simple to navigate. There is a starter video that shows you all around the Wealthy Affiliate Website. This video will explain everything you need to know. You will set up your profile and have a complete understanding of how everything works on your very first day.

After you join the group and become your own boss, you decide when to work, how often to work, how many hours to work, what time of day to work, and how hard you want to work. Your success is determined by you. The harder you work at this, and the more time you put in, the more successful you will become. The sky is the limit, you will likely not find a job or opportunity that offers you this kind of financial freedom. I searched for 20 years to find an education and opportunity like this.

How Much Is This Going to Cost You? Are There Hidden Fees?

In my opinion, this is the best deal you will ever find, this program is awesome and affordable. You simply pay a monthly fee. This monthly fee has some mind-blowing “perks”. This is the real deal, not some fly-by-night scam, not some get rich quick scheme, this is the real deal people.

Your beginner classes are TOTALLY FREE. When you decide to join Wealthy Affiliates you are given a very generous discount on your first month’s subscription. So, How much is it?

Your monthly subscription will cost you exactly $49 per month, with No hidden fees, No taxes on your payment…Just $49. 

With that $49 per month membership, you will have these mind-blowing services that are all 100% paid for, and are included with your subscription.

– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year of actual customer service. 

– You will have access to nearly 1 million other members who will gladly interact with you.

– You will have access to a 24-hour live chat room where you can ask as many questions as you like.

– You will have a team of technical people who oversee your website and fix any problems with your websites.

– You can build, own, and operate 10 websites that are completely hosted and paid for through your membership.

– Wealthy Affiliates (like you) will have the fastest running websites money can buy.

– You have access to a question and answer portal that you can ask other high-ranking members any questions you want.   Almost every question you ask will be answered within minutes.

– You will be able to ask questions directly to the owners of the business. WOW !!  Right?  That is un-heard-of !!

– The owners of wealthy Affiliates will personally welcome you into the program and will be there for you anytime along the way.

The ONLY additional fee you will ever pay is if you want to buy a domain name for your websites.  Your own You are given free domain names with your memberships, but they will not be a ( .com).

If you want to buy your own domain name it will only cost you about $15 per website, and in my opinion, that is a very small price to pay for owning a part of the worldwide web. When you have your own ( .com ), people will view your website with trust and confidence that you are a legitimate website, and are not a fake website. The free domain will of course work the same, however, it looks far more professional to have a address. Talk about being your own boss !! If you buy your own domain name you are free to sell that website if you so desire. You have absolutely nothing to lose…Do you want to learn more?

How Much Money Will I Make?

That totally depends on what you are selling. You can sell 550 million products online. Or you can sell memberships, services, and programs for a monthly income. You have total control of what you sell, it is your website. Your financial gains will directly reflect the amount of time that you invest in building your websites. 

This is something you need to know and understand right now….Almost everything you see for sale on the internet is done through affiliate marketing programs just like this one. Unless you are buying something directly from the manufacturer, the products and services are being sold by someone just like you. Someone who is in an Affiliate Marketing group.

               I want you to sit back and soak that in for a few minutes. 

Did you ever notice when you are buying something online from a website like Wal-Mart, did you notice when you click on the product, the product is sold to you from the Wal-mart site, but the product is shipped from a totally different supplier. That is Affiliate Marketing, people selling from other people’s websites. Wal-Mart was built on Affiliate Marketing. When you go into ANY store or their website, they mostly sell other people’s products and not their own brand. Of course, they sell their own brands, but NAME brand products sell better. Generic brands are the products typically made from that particular store.

I want you to sit back and grasp that concept completely. You will have the exact same potential to sell online just like the most powerful stores in the world. You own the website and you sell for other people. It is that simple. When I realized this, my life changed immediately.

If you are working at this as an actual job, you will be putting in several months of hard work before you really start to see some real money. About 3 months before you make anything. After 6 months the money is pretty good, and after working for a year you will be very pleased. Every year after that is like a snowball going downhill until it turns into a financial avalanche.

One last this you must understand completely. After you do all this work the website is working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The website never stops. You will have the freedom to work whenever you want to, and the money still keeps coming in. The longer you work at this the more money you can make. Your money is only limited to your imagination. Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries and this is why. You are getting paid what you are worth. The longer and harder you work the more money you make, very simple. Millions of people are doing this line of work every day. Everyone wants financial freedom.

If you read all of this review, then you owe it to yourself to at least try out the FREE program to see if this is your new future.

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