JAAXY Research Tool


Jaaxy is the most important research tool for your on-line business.

JAAXY is the most comprehensive research platform in the industry. You will have multiple research tools at your fingertips.



– Affiliate Marketing Programs

Search for thousands of affiliate marketing programs and over 500 million products and services you can sell from your websites.

– Key Word Research

Find multiple keywords and key phrases for your specific niche. This tool is essential for any website and social media platform. This tool will generate hundreds of new ideas, keywords, and phrases for you. This is the ultimate tool for online success.

– Search Analysis

You can research your competition and their site status through the 3 leading search engines with just a click of a button. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You can analyze every aspect of your own website and analyze your own progress, as well as your competitor’s position.

– Website Ranking

This tool will show you exactly where your website is currently ranking on search engines. Your rankings are reflected in real-time. You will be able to know exactly where your websites are ranking on the internet and exactly where your competitor’s websites are ranking.

– Brainstorming Tools

The brainstorming tool will give you hundreds of new ideas, keywords, niches, phrases that are unlimited in the potential for expanding and exploding the traffic to your websites.



Try Out The Best Research Tool in The Industry


If you want to have an explosive amount of traffic driven directly to your website or online store this is the research tool you can not live without.





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