Setting Up Your Profile

Setting up your profile at Wealthy Affiliates is a very simple process…

NO Credit Card is required…

NO Risk…100% FREE…NO Hassles

NO Pressure…NO Obligations…

               NO REGRETS.

As a starter member, you will be able to build 1 FREE website with FREE hosting, and you will be able to take 10 FREE website building classes. We want to gain your trust and respect by bringing you into the program and letting you see for yourself just how easy it is to build your own website.


The best way to earn your trust is for us to help you get started for FREE. This is our way of building mutual respect. You would never buy a car without a FREE test drive, would you?

When you enter the platform your screen will look exactly like this…Simply enter your email and get started…You can create a profile in just a few minutes…Then you can look around to test out the platform and truly see all of the benefits and the simple navigation interface. Then you can relax and take as much time as you need to build your own website, and take your first 10 FREE courses. You will be able to work at your own pace, stop and start the video tutorials and rewatch them as often as you need to. You can easily fit this program into your busy lifestyle.

This is exactly how it will look when you first log in to get started…

            Click Here To Create Your Profile Today

There will be thousands of people to help you every step of the way. You will be welcomed in the program by the C.E.O. and his associates. The owners of Wealthy Affiliates will introduce you to the program and get you started. This is the real deal, where on earth are you ever going to be able to actually correspond with the owners without paying thousands of dollars for a seminar? NO program has thousands of people who will help you with a few clicks of a button. We also offer 24/7 Tech support that can help fix any issue in a matter of minutes.


Let’s get you started on those first 10 FREE classes. You have to see for yourself just how easy it is to build your own websites.






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