Why Are We The Best?

   Our Goal Is To Earn Your Trust And To Gain Your respect Before You Ever Spend A Dime Of Your money.

 We have the best platform for building websites and online stores in the world.


We are the most trusted website-building platform in the world.


       Our Platform has features you will not find anywhere else.


We have an exclusive online education that explains step-by-step exactly how to build websites, how to sell products and services online, and exactly how to create your own online business. The courses are very easy and simple to understand.

Many other platforms such as Weebly, Go Daddy, and Wix are very confusing and are designed for people who have “advanced skills”. Many platforms claim to be “easy”, However, they are very confusing and overwhelming for most everyone. If they have any tutorials at all, they tend to be “vague”, and are typically followed by some “fancy”, expensive upsells that you did not realize you needed to build, own and operate websites. There is a lot of information that is intentionally left out to continually keep charging you more money for everything you need.


We are very transparent here at Wealthy Affiliates and will never mislead you in any way.


         We are a very straightforward company.

         Our goal is to earn your trust and respect.

We offer 100% FREE courses so you can experience the platform and the education you truly need to be successful in building websites and selling merchandise and services online. Your first 10 classes are totally free. WHY? It is very important to us that you are totally satisfied with the program before you ever spend a dime. This is the most extensive training you will ever find on the internet today. Our program is very affordable, and there are NO fancy expensive upsells, No hidden fees, and No credit card is required to take your free courses.

 This is what the classes will look like when you sign in.

           Your first 10 classes are 100% totally FREE.

              Build your first website for FREE today.

After you complete each course the platform keeps track of your every accomplishment. Each section has a progress bar so you know exactly where you left off, and where to begin on your next session. Each class will have assignments, “tasks” for you to complete. As you go through the training step-by-step you will create your own online business.

If you decide to join the program here at Wealthy Affiliate you will have the most advanced web hosting, the best research tools available on the market today, and 24/7 365 technical support. We also have a team of website maintenance specialists to assist you with any problem, issue, or questions you have.

Jaaxy is the most comprehensive research tool for targeting your customers and clientele. You can find every keyword to create a very successful website that will produce the income you desire. This research tool is truly amazing and is critical and essential to building a successful business online. This research tool is the “key” to online success. This is how you find people to visit your website. This research tool will show you exactly how much traffic you can expect, and how many potential clients you will have.   You simply cannot create a successful website without this research tool.



Every aspect of your website development has educational videos and or tutorials that will explain every detail you will ever need to know to be an online success. Every tutorial is a very simple step-by-step process so you can fully understand the fundamentals of creating your own amazing websites.

The videos will look exactly like this on the platform. Every video is about 15-30 minutes in length.




   These videos will take out all of the “guess” work of creating a very successful online business.

The videos and tutorials have everything you need to be an online success for any niche you could possibly think of. Every aspect of success is explained to you step-by-step. Your success is very important to us.




We also offer extensive promotional tools to expand your online business and target your specific niches. We also offer 550 million affiliate products for you to sell directly from the websites you create. Everything you need to be an online success is included in your membership. You can pick and choose anything you want to sell and this platform will explain to you exactly how much money you will make as an affiliate marketer.



You can own and operate up to 10 websites with a premium membership. All web hosting, All technical support, and All of the research and development tools you will ever need, are all included in your membership for only $49 per month. PERIOD. NO upsells, NO hidden fees, and NO expensive webinars !! You simply cannot find this kind of education and research tools all combined in an Affordable monthly fee.

We have a live chat room 24/7 365 where you can ask other members for advice, support, and or questions. This is a pay-itforward community where everyone here is committed to your online success. Everyone here will gladly assist you with any problem or issues you may encounter. The chat room looks exactly like this when you are on the platform.

We also have a help center that gives you direct access to expert technicians and computer scientists. Simply submit your question or issues directly to the technical team and they will assist you within minutes of your request.





You will be able to directly contact the C.E.O of this company and his associates. Every tutorial has the top coaches listed so you can ask any question you have every step of the way.

  Meet the C.E.O. of Wealthy Affiliates

Carson is the V.P. of Wealthy Affiliates

These are screenshots from our easy and simple website-building platform. You will be able to send us private messages with a click of a button.

You can start your FREE trial today !! Your first 10 classes are 100% totally free. The website you will create is FREE. NO cost to you.

              NO credit card is required.

 If you do not decide to become a member of Wealthy Affiliates you can certainly keep the website you created in the FREE course. We want to gain your trust and respect.

Additionally, if you choose to join The Wealthy Affiliate program your first month will only cost you $19, we will give you a $30 discount on your first month.

We want you to be 100% satisfied and totally confident in our services. Your trust, respect, and your online success is our goal here at Wealthy Affiliates.

           NO Surprises.

             NO Hidden Agendas.

                NO Hidden Fees.

                   NO Disappointments.

                          NO REGRETS.



        Real People.   Real Success.




















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