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 Stop struggling to make money online and get an education.


Stop watching videos that get you excited and actually teach you nothing. You are wasting valuable time. If you want to make some real money working from home, get an education, not a job.

Many people are searching for legitimate jobs where they can work from home online. Most people are looking to find jobs where they can make some real money working from home. RIGHT?

The problem is there are just too many scams and the few jobs we can find online simply just do not pay a lot of money. There are some legitimate jobs to be had online these days.

All of these jobs have one thing in common. None of them pay enough money to make it worth your while.

Of course, there are many online jobs that will pay you some money if and when you can find a legitimate company to do business with.

Nevertheless, the facts still remain the same, none of these jobs will give you financial freedom. All of these jobs are to make other people money.

Yes, these jobs will pay you weekly for your efforts. However in the long run, after you pay your taxes there will be very little money left over.

Maybe self-employment is an option you need to consider. Self-employment could be the solution for many of your goals in life. Such as paying off all of your bills, buying a new car, or just spending more time with family and loved ones.


Have you ever considered building websites or on-line stores?


Did you know that there are very affordable ways to build websites and on-line stores?

Of course, you do know that most online jobs you are working to build someone else’s company, websites, or online stores.


Why not just build your own websites and online stores?

Building websites and online stores is not as complicated as many people think. Most people believe that they need a lot of computer skills, and or money to get started.

Many people contemplated these thoughts and have done a bit of research about building online stores and websites. Only to find scam after scam, super expensive webinars, ridiculously priced seminars where you need to pay traveling expenses on top of the seminar costs. RIGHT?

The truth is you should not have to pay thousands of dollars to build websites and online stores. Many companies want to complicate this so they can charge you a lot of money for their programs.


If you believe it should cost a lot of money and require a lot of computer skills then they can charge you a lot of money simply based on your perception, not reality.

The reality is anyone can build websites and online stores. And millions of people are doing just that. It does not take any more computer skills than any other social media platform.

Children are building websites, youtube channels, and Instagrams all day long. Many of these kids are making more money than their parents. WHY?

Well they have no responsibilities except school work and they can spend more time learning and experimenting, and they really have nothing to lose. Nevertheless, they are still doing all of these things with little or no experience.



Let’s keep it real. If you want to work from home on-line, Then why not learn how to be self-employed.

Then all of your efforts and income belongs to you and your families, not some corporation that is building financial empires off of your efforts.

Allow me to introduce to you the most trusted website building platform in the world. They are called The Wealthy Affiliates. They have an educational program that is super easy and simple to understand.

They offer FREE starter memberships. You can build a website or online store for FREE. They will even pay for your website hosting, privacy and protection, search engine optimization, and much much more. WHY?



Our goal is to earn your trust and to gain your respect before you ever spend a dime of your money.





We help thousands of people to become self-employed every month. We teach thousands of people every month exactly how to build professional online stores and websites. We teach bloggers how to make money online. We teach people everything they ever wanted to know about building websites.





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